How to soundproof your GYM at home

How to soundproof your home gym

Acoustic Panels Art Team has received another interesting question about small gym built in home garage:

I have been working out in my buddies garage gym for a few years. One neighbor has recently started to complain about noise created by dropped weights and load music. We already tried to cover concrete floor with old carpet and plywood. We also covered windows with acoustic blankets. It did cut some noise for sure but apparently not enough for our neighbor. Any ideas to help cut down on the noise/ground vibration so we can try to appease this neighbor? I’ve thought of noise dampening acoustic panels for the walls but any more ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

Great question though! We have to deal with vibration/shock absorption and soundproofing.

First of all, you should start with floor. Since you’ve mentioned plywood, please make sure that entire floor covered with at least two layers of plywood. On the top of plywood, we definitely recommend Mass Loaded Vinyl with reinforced backing. A flexible soundproof vinyl barrier that stops vibrations and blocks the passage of noise waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. Will not rot, shrink, or cause corrosion. Unlike other Mass Loaded Vinyl product this product has reinforced backing for more durability and reliable use in walls, ceiling and of course, floor installations.

Each MLV + Mass Loaded Vinyl roll will cover 54.5 s.ft. and any left overs can be used on the walls too. However, for walls, we do recommend inexpensive soundproofing art panels. Soundproofing Panels in grey, black or white colors are ready to ship (if you’re in hurry). If want to make your gym cozy and attractive, you should select soundproofing panels with custom imprints. There you can print your favorite bodybuilders, actresses, sport teams, beautiful scenery or… anything you want!

Soundproofing acoustic felt panels will look great in your gym and also absorb 95% of noise.

Garage doors should be covered with acoustic blankets (with grommets for easy installation). Do you need any assistance with home or office soundproofing? Please contact Acoustic Panels Art Team at any time!

Acoustic Panels Art will help you to resolve any acoustic issues in home gym, home theater, bedroom, home recording studio, game or stream room, general office, medical space, bar or restaurant, supermarket or hardware store, school or church.