Acoustic Panels in my bedroom

How to soundproof your bedroom: cheap and easy way!

Few days ago Acoustic Panels Art received following message via online chat:

I really hope you can help me out! I need some way to reduce sound coming from my bedroom to the rest of the house. I’m a 29 year old stuck living with my parents and recently started live streaming on The problem is that all noise keep awake my parents… I’m also left feeling like I have no privacy to actually relax and be me, talk about what I want to, play games (I play World of Warcraft and Call of Duty) laugh and enjoy myself. I’m wondering if you can recommend any effective but fairly cheap and easy to install ways to soundproof my room a bit and dampen the noise pollution to the rest of the house.

Great Question! Hey, we’ve been there too so we know how to control noise!

First of all, you need to start with doors. You can seal any gaps with Door Blanket. We do recommend “Door Buddy” by Vocalboothtogo. Installation is extremely easy and won’t damage doors and walls. One blanket cost only $85 but you’ll notice difference right away!

Secondly, you need to check floors. Are there any carpets? If you do have carpet, you may proceed to step #3 (acoustical wall treatment). If you do not have carpet, you should buy cheap rugs from Ikea or Home Depot because carpets are expensive. Rugs will cut reflection points and greatly reduce noise coming from your bedroom.

Now, let’s start with walls. We’re gamers too and spend some time playing various online games! We know what it means to level up in “WoW”! We also know how to control noise or reflections points in… beautiful, original way! Please check this out:

This acoustic panel was made for one customer who obviously spent a lot of time playing Fallout. You can print any image you like directly on acoustic panel. It could be a hero, map, screenshot from the game etc. You can print anything you like. But most importantly, soundproofing panels will cut noise from inside and also outside because panels have special protective layer or “sound block”.

Acoustic Panels can be installed in no time!

With our acoustic products you can game, stream, relax in your bedroom and… be YOU!