Sounds Good - Looks GREAT!


What does acoustic sound treatment mean, and why is it important?

Because you want to be able to hear and be heard. To record great audio and enjoy good sound! Now you can do that and include your own personal style with acoustic sound panel art.

Open hard reflective surfaces pose a serious issue for a listener or a recording artist. If your recording sounds muddy, or a speaker in auditorium or office room sounds unintelligible the reason for that is echo and reverberations. Sound waves reflecting off the walls interfere with other sounds in the room and get recorded by audio recording equipment with different degree of delay, resulting in poor quality audio recording or impossible conditions for hearing someone talk.

These pesky echoes and reverberations make speech unintelligible, frustrating both you, and your listeners. Audio recordings made in untreated rooms will sound muddy, it will take a lot of time to clear it in postproduction if at all possible.

Rooms and venues with many hard surfaces and many people speaking at the same time, such as restaurants or offices, make conversation difficult to hear and allow the area to fill up with noise as it takes much longer for the sound to dissipate. However, there is a very simple solution to this common problem: acoustic room treatment with acoustic art panels. Acoustic sound treatment will reduce echoes and sound reflections within a room, making for clearer recordings and conversation.

Acoustic panels can be made not only very efficient sound absorption utility, but also have a custom print to reflect your personality, the character of your room, business or studio through special image or message that can be placed on the panel.

At AcousticPanelsArt.com we offer acoustic sound absorption panels that are not only efficient, but very special. They will not interfere with your room design, but complement and enhance it.

We offer acoustic felt panels in sound absorbing and sounblocking combination and also Framed custom art acoustic panels. Framed acoustic panels can be ordered in 2 inch thick and 3.5 inch thick for greater efficiency.

Our standard panel size is 24 x 48 inches, which is the most convenient to handle. But you can order panels in custom size to fit your personal preference. Most importantly, you can buy custom art acoustic panels, so that your space looks as good as it sounds.