Acoustic Panel with Print

How to hang Acoustic Panels (the EASY, very simple way)

Thank you for choosing our acoustic panels! Sound absorption panels with personalized image imprint is a very effective sound absorption panel with NRC 0.91 (91% sound absorption). Let’s make them work!

Please check out our latest video tutorial about acoustic panels installation:

Once you selected correct place (see “where to place acoustic panels”), you can use any push-pin or included T-pins for very easy installation:

T pins for acoustic panels

1. Simply push the pin though the Fibrous matter of the panel about half the thickness of the panel:

T Pin for Acoustic Panels

at an angle of approximately 45% from top down. Like this:

T-Pin angle

2. And push it into the drywall. If it is too hard you can use a light hummer to lightly hummer the pin in to the wall. You can use just one, two or more pins, depending on the panel orientation or positioning of the panel on a wall. DO NOT push the pin all the way so it squeezes the panel:

T pin incorrect angle

Just allow enough of the pin to come out, so it will have a good hold in the drywall. About half an inch should be sufficient.

And this is what it would look like:

Acoustic Panel with Print
Installation of acoustic panel on the wall. Howto (easy way)

Do you still need assistance with acoustic panels installation? No problem at all, please send us email: or ticket via Acoustic Help Center: