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How to improve your live stream with acoustic panels

In order not to go crazy during covid-19 pandemic (I work from home too), I decided to start broadcasting on Facebook Gaming on weekends. I immediately ran into the following problems: constant noise from the window (our windows face the street) and complaints from household members (I am being loud).

I did some quick googling and it seems rather expensive for some pieces of foam to put on the wall in front of me. Are they actually worth it to help struggling echoing and improve the sound experience for viewers? Any streamers (beginners) who noticed a difference after getting it?

They’re worth it! Acoustic felt panels will definitely eliminate echoes, reduce noises and improve your sound. Sound is the most important thing in live streaming and you need to go extra mile to improve it:

– get better mic (Audio-Technica USB AT-2020+ or Shure SM7B with external sound card like Focusrite);
– cover window with heavy drapes. For doors and best possible soundproofing, we do recommend Door Noise Control Covers;
– install acoustic felt panels on the walls – in front of you and on the sides. You can get affordable acoustic felt panels (black, grey or white colors) or inexpensive acoustic panels with custom imprints. You can print anything you like – photo of your beloved cat, screenshot from your game or logo of your gaming clan which will look great on the walls!

If you have any questions or need advice about soundproofing and noise reduction, please contact us at any time for free consultation.

Happy Streaming!