Acoustic Felt Panels


Premium Acoustic Felt Panels in 3 colors: black, white and grey. Semi rigid. Width 24 “, Length – 48″ thickness – 1.75”. NRC 0.85 (85% noise reduction). Non-flammable (Conforms to Class A fire-rated materials). Material: 100% polyester.

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These are amazing acoustic panels that combine the best features of all other sound absorption materials combined without the downside! The most importantly, it will give you great acoustics in your room and let you express your beauty and personality at the same time.

The AFP panels have NRC rating 0.85 (85% sound absorption) and the Framed panels have NRC 1.10 (!) – It does its job 110%, just like you do!

The sound absorption material lthe mannels are made of does not have any volatile fibers to dislodge from the panel into the air and lodge right into your lungs like rockwool or glasswool does. It does not have any smell to it and it will not exude formaldehyde vapors like an acoustic foam. It is practically indestructible and it will not disintegrate over time, like acoustic foam. So it will serve you for many years to come. The material is also fire-retardant. It shrinks away from the fire and does not burn.

These panels are the easiest to mount and require no special tools or skills. All in all this is a winning combination for anyone what wants to have great sound AND appearance of their recording studio.

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 2 in

white, grey, black


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