Brilliant Ways To Improve the Acoustics in Your Restaurant

Brilliant Ways To Improve the Acoustics in Your Restaurant

A loud restaurant packed with people is a sign of success, right? While a restaurant crowded with hungry diners is a sign of good business, high noise levels, and poor acoustics could hinder this achievement. No one wants to eat at a restaurant where they must shout across the table to have a conversation. Start implementing brilliant ways to improve the acoustics in your restaurant so your diners can eat and talk in peace!

Reorganize Furniture

Not only should you select your furniture strategically—some materials absorb sound better than others—you should take time to think about your floor plan. If tables are placed too closely together, patrons will have a harder time hearing one another.

Try placing plants or partitions between tables that border one another and keep others spaced apart to muffle the sound.

Why Does This Work?

The added furniture will help absorb the sound waves. Keep in mind that soft furniture does this best, so search for suede, microfiber, chenille, or corduroy fabrics to get this effect.

By placing tables further apart, you cut down on volume because sound waves have a further distance to travel. The further these waves have to travel, the quieter the place will get.

Hang Acoustic Panel Art

Another brilliant way to improve the acoustics in your restaurant is to install acoustic panel art. Vocal Booth To Go Inc sells decorative sound dampening panels you can hang in your restaurant or café to lower sound without sacrificing aesthetics!

You can customize these panels to reflect your brand or hang a beautiful piece of art that also works as a sound absorber. Consider placing sound-dampening panels in high-volume locations such as the waiting area, in between popular tables, or at the bar if you have one.

Place Appliances Carefully

Think about where you place your machinery and small appliances—if it’s too close to the dining area, customers will hear it. For example, if you own a café, try to keep the espresso machine and other loud equipment in a location away from guests.

Another option to solve this problem is to use barriers that are especially beneficial if your café is open-concept. Physically separating the appliance from the dining area may be impossible, but you can install barriers to muffle the sound.

Before you make changes, consider how they’ll affect the space. Although you may want to play background music to quiet the restaurant, adding more sound could further the problem. You can purchase the perfect acoustic treatment for your restaurant at Vocal Booth To Go Inc. and lower sound volumes in your business so customers have the best experience.