Tips for Improving Acoustics in Your Home Studio

Tips for Improving Acoustics in Your Home Studio

Finding the perfect space for optimal sound quality isn’t the easiest task for a recording artist, especially when done from their own home. Several tips for improving acoustics in your home studio can ease this process and ensure the work you produce is top quality.

Have an Ideal Space

First and foremost, have a space that works great—just any room won’t do. Some will create an annoying echo, while others won’t allow sound waves to travel properly. A smaller room is ideal for the best sound quality because there’s less space for sound waves to travel.

Different rooms in your house will have different effects on your recording, so finding the best room could take some time. Move throughout the house and experiment in rooms of different sizes and shapes, but keep other variables, such as setting up, the same. In doing this, you’ll find the best room for premium sound quality!

Have a Proper Speaker Setup

Having the right setup is essential for optimal sound quality. Angle your speakers towards you to form a triangular shape, with each speaker being a point at the base and you being the point at the top. A setup like this works to ensure you receive direct sound rather than reverb.

Additionally, keep those sound monitors well-spaced apart and at the height of your ear. This ensures the inverted triangle remains properly formed, and thus, sound travels appropriately.

Install Panels

Once you have a space and set up your equipment, consider installing acoustic art panels to absorb sound so you can have a clean recording! Acoustic art panels work to add aesthetics to space while also cutting down on base, allowing your studio to be efficient and beautiful.

Giving the room an acoustic treatment cuts down on the risk of outside sound and echoes filtering through the recording, which would make it harder to hear your original audio.

Have a Strategic Furniture Placement

Lastly, be conscientious about the furniture you place in your home studio, as some will hinder the recording process by distorting sound while others will boost it. Just like adding various acoustic panels, it’s important you add different pieces of furniture.

Some furniture piece absorb sound better than others and are therefore better to include inside your home studio. However, be wary when doing so as some pieces could leave a reverb on your recording.

Remain mindful of the tips for improving acoustics in your home studio as you begin the process of sharing your musical talents with the world! As you shop for ways to cut down on acoustics in your space, consider shopping at Vocal Booth To Go Inc., where you can get custom pieces of art or photos that will duel as sound-absorbing pieces.