Acoustic Panel or Acoustic Foam?

Acoustic Foam vs Acoustic Panels: the REAL difference

If you’re building a home studio, you’re probably came to the point where you need to improve overall sound. Many beginners select acoustic foam or rockwool because materials are cheap and always available at local stores. You can build as many acoustic panels as you like and treat walls, ceilings and even doors. But will it help with sound?

Acoustic foam will diffuse and absorb some high frequencies but that won’t help the overall room sound much. People like going with the foam option because it is very inexpensive and somewhat easy to put up, but keep in mind that it is not going to be the best at providing value for true professional setups.

Acoustic foam facts:

  1. Cheap acoustic foam will smell (health hazards);
  2. Acoustic foam is thin. It will not absorb mid frequencies;
  3. Most acoustic foam is not fire-resistant;
  4. Acoustic foam is not rated nor verified independently;
  5. Foam will not soundproof your room;
  6. It looks extremely boring!

Acoustic Panels by Acoustic Panels Art will improve overall sound by absorbing high and mid frequencies. Acoustic Panels with additional Soundproofing layer will also block outside noises. Here is why professionals choose us:

  1. High quality materials (100% polyester). There is no smell and panel colors and prints won’t change after years;
  2. Panels are up thick, from 1.75” to 2’” inches. Acoustic Panels will effectively block high and mid frequencies;
  3. Our acoustic panels went through “Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials” by UL laboratory. The test determines the Surface Burning Characteristics of the material, specifically the flame spread and smoke developed indices when exposed to fire. Our products are fire-resistant.
  4. Our acoustic panels had been tested by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories with following results:- Acoustic Felt Panels with image: NRC 0.91 (91% noise reduction)
    Soundproofing Acoustic Panels: NRC 0.95 (95% noise reduction), STC 31 (blocks 31 dB of sound in mid range frequencies and up to 50 dB in the high frequency range)
    Framed Acoustic Panels with custom imprint on soft fabric: NRC 1.10 (110% noise reduction). BEST possible noise reduction!
  5. Acoustic Panels will not soundproof your room, but Acoustic Panels with Soundblock Layer, will help you to block inside and outside noises! They are great for sound absorption and cancelling echo and reverb. It shows excellent noise reduction properties as sound absorber absorbing 95% of noise (The NRC or Noise reduction coefficient is 0.95), with great performance at the low end, because of the limp membrane properties of the mass loaded backing.
  6. It looks truly amazing in any room! You can select white, grey, black or print your own image or logo directly on panel. High quality prints in USA.

Overall, acoustic panels provide much better sound treatment – improvement is going to be noticeable right away!
High quality materials are safe for your health – no smell, no dust and colors won’t fade away after years.