Flutter echo in recording studio

How to eliminate Flutter Echo in recording studio

Flutter echo is caused by repetitive sound reflections. Clap your hand in a stairwell and you’ll often hear a ping created by a flutter echo. This is created as sound bounces back and forth between parallel, smooth, large reflective walls.

Definition of flutter echo: Flutter echo is a rapid series of echoes originating in reflection between two parallel surfaces.


Unlike human ear (brain, actually) that can distinguish between what needs to be heard and the noise, microphone picks up everything. So first it picks up the direct sound – which is closest to it then echo from early reflections points arrives, then reflections from points father away, secondary, tertiary and so on. All those reflections arrive with slight delay, one after another and create a muddy sound, like a smudged print. The more hard, large, reflective surfaces are in the room, the worse is the echo.

HOW TO ELIMINATE FLUTTER ECHO and reverberations from your recording studio?


This problem can be easily eliminated by introducing sound absorption materials in the recording studio. This video demonstrates the dramatic effect the acoustic blankets for sound absorption, Producer’s choice, have on reducing the flutter echo and sound reverberations in general.
Ideally all reflective surfaces should be covered. But if you cannot cover everything, try to treat acoustically at least 33% of your recording studio with sound absorption panes or acoustic blankets. In this case position them intermittently this way if the sound bounces off one wall – it will be absorbed by the acoustic panel on the other wall.

Preventing the flutter echo.

If you need to eliminate the echo, but want the home recording studio look presentable you can use acoustic panels, or acoustic felt panels with imprint:
In this vide we used Producer’s choice acoustic panels, mounted on a FlexTee stands. One of the sound blankets had a custom imprint on it. (See more here).

As an alternative to sound blankets you can use acoustic felt panels www.AcousticPanelsArt.com. That can be used plain or with an imprint. There are two options for acoustic sound panels with image. In the actual corners we used the acoustic panel with limp mass membrane – Soundproofing Acoustic Panels with Custom Imprint by Acoustic Panels Art (or APA).

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