bass trap

Reasons To Install Bass Traps in Your Recording Studio

Bass, reverb, and echo affect your recording; sometimes, it’s not for the better. Bass and other low tones have lower frequencies, so their sound waves are longer and stronger. Because of this, you need proper padding in your recording studio to absorb sound waves. It also lessens the risk of sound leakage – this is one reason to install bass traps in your recording studio.

What Are Bass Traps?

Bass traps are low-frequency sound absorbers and provide resistance to sound energy. Typically, bass traps are a type of insulation that helps absorb energy. They’re an acoustic panel you hang on the wall, so you have something to absorb soundwaves and keep your recording clean.

Why You Need Bass Traps

You need bass traps in your recording studio to modify the tone. This is because every room has a different tone and acoustics. And you want to work in a space that’s ideal for your recording; otherwise, you’ll spend hours editing. By treating the room, you allow sound to flow properly.

Bass traps control undesired lower frequencies by absorbing them and defining the desired low frequencies. Having control over this is ideal for a crisp recording. You want to “tighten” the area to reduce unwanted echoes.

Where To Install Bass Traps

You can’t install the bass traps anywhere in the room. Experts recommend installing them in locations that absorb most of the low-frequency sound waves. Three of the best places to install them are:

  • Where the wall meets ceiling/floor
  • Along a corner
  • On a wall or the ceiling

Keep in mind that these areas are important because most low-frequency sounds gathers here, especially in the corners.

There are many reasons to install bass traps in your recording studio; they modify sound quality. Install stylish bass traps in your studio by purchasing acoustic art panels! Vocal Booth To Go Inc. sells a variety of panels you can customize. Add a bit of personal flair to your studio and get rid of that annoying echo!