Recording studio at home: small space

Where should I place acoustic panels in my new voice recording studio?

We’ve recently received following question: “Hello, my name is Jason and I live in Long Beach, California. I am building my first home recoding studio in smallest room (around 90 square foot) with two small windows facing busy street. Should I place acoustic panels in front or in the back (behind me)? What should I do with windows?”

Before you start hanging acoustic panels, you must find early reflection points with simple mirror. You can find “Early reflection 101” tutorial here.

In most cases, you should place acoustic panes right in front of your desk with mic/recoding equipment. After that, please place few acoustic panels behind you . Low ceiling should be covered with acoustic panels as well. You can either print your image on it or use ours (most clients select beautiful skies for ceiling panels). You can print any image – just the way YOU LIKE IT!

Two small windows in your room must be covered by acoustic curtains or “Window Noise Blocker” (please send us window measurements prior order). These curtains are the best sound absorbers!

Please don’t forget about floor! If you have tiles or hardwood, it should be covered by thick carpet.

Do you need any assistance or advise with your home recoding studio? Please get in touch with Acoustic Panels Art! We’ll be happy to assist you with ANY project!

In this Acoustic Panels Art article we describe following acoustic effects: ringing (“zing”, “chatter”) and flutter echo.